Student Speaker Contest

Student Speaker Contest Guidelines for 2017

Purpose of the Contest

  1.  To provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants and to the American people as a whole;
  2. To stimulate self-expression and independent thinking;
  3. To present to the public through the student speakers contests the problems surrounding the maintenance of this commonwealth as a free nation;
  4.  To consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems.

Time Limitations

Students entering the contest shall prepare a talk to be as close as possible to, but not over ten minutes, nor less than five minutes delivery time.


This year’s topic has been carefully selected. Entrants should be certain to speak on the topic since points are awarded for adhering to the subject title.


The West Covina Lions Club contest is open to students, including foreign exchange students, grades 9 through 12, of any high school, charter school, private school, home school, or independent study in the City of West Covina.

The presentation shall be given in the English language only. Phrases in a non-English language must be immediately followed by a direct English translation.

Winners of the previous Multiple District Four final contests are not eligible. Eligible students shall be those of the above grades and under the age of 21 as of February 7, 2017.

Contestants must have not completed grade 12 prior to the termination of the spring semester of the year and must be attending school when the competition is held.

Only one winner shall be certified to the next succeeding contest. Students should be reminded of their obligation to complete the contest and arrive to contests on time. Scheduling conflicts are the student’s responsibility to resolve.

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